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HTML Colors 1.4

A color picker that provides you with the HTML code for your chosen colors
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To discover the HTML hexadecimal, decimal, and RGB values for any color you want whenever you want, "HTML color" is just the program you need. This color picker has a small and compact Windows-style interface that couldn't be easier to understand, and you can even set your own hot keys to select your colors and values from the program's icon while it sits unobtrusively in your taskbar.

When the interface is open, you can make it even more compact by hiding its ten options from view. The customizable options featured in the HTML Colors program allow you to add or remove the '#' character when copying/pasting a hexadecimal value, auto-copy a hexadecimal value to the clipboard after you've selected a color, and to auto-paste a hexadecimal value from your clipboard on activation. You can also choose an option that will allow you to open the Select Color dialog box by double clicking in the hexadecimal/decimal box, or in the taskbar icon. An option to load the program on Window's start up is also available to you and an option for keeping the program always on top whilst you're working in other applications.

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